Pizza Pinoli

Plus de 10 ans d'expérience confirment que Pizza Pinoli est plus que des Pizzas parce nous avons construit un menu varié pour les clients qui cherchent variété dans le même lieu et de plus notre service distingué et qualifié grâce à notre incroyable équipe.Notre menu propose : salade, ailes de poulet, poutines et autres plats. Prenez votre téléphone et appelez-nous pour commander mais vous pouvez aussi le faire en ligne, nous livrerons la commande sans problèmes, ou trouvez nous dans la rue Monkland.

(514) 489 8888

5524 rue Monkland, H4A 1C7, Montreal

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La pure saveur de l'Italie
La pure saveur de l'Italie

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Google Reviews
La pure saveur de l'Italie
Andrew D

-This place has the best pizza in NDG! I am a huge fan of their poutine as well, they bake it through the pizza oven and it is phenomenal. Delicious food no matter what you get, would highly recommend to anyone in the area.-

La pure saveur de l'Italie
La pure saveur de l'Italie
Adam Pagani

-The restaurant itself is humble and has a hile int he wall feel. As we all know hole in the walls are the best. The pizza is great and the menu is extensive. Highly recommend no 9 Sorento.-

La pure saveur de l'Italie
La pure saveur de l'Italie
M Cheffins

-I have been ordering from Pizza Pinoli for years now. This establishment never cease to satisfy and impress with their wide and original selection of Gourmet pizzas, their options for additional toppings or ingredients, and their excellent and attentive delivery service. A fixture for locals, open past midnight most nights, and a testament to Montreal’s reputation for tasty food of all levels of cuisine. Also, a source of comfort: as a sign reads on one of the walls of the place, “It’s OK to eat a whole pizza by yourself”! : ) A cut (pun intended!) above most pizza chains, and probably many sit-down restaurants as well. I hope you enjoy a pizza (or several) from Pizza Pinoli very soon!!!-

La pure saveur de l'Italie
La pure saveur de l'Italie

-Great pizza with so many toppings and cheese! The gyros are also really good! This place is the only one I trust to order from for our pizza parties at work. They have great customer service and don't have to worry about them not showing up on time like other places have in the past. Everyone always loves it and the salads are perfect for sharing!-

La pure saveur de l'Italie
La pure saveur de l'Italie
sandy gittings

-Been ordering from this place for years but unfortunately moved and recently found out they Uber eats to rosemont. So delicious. This place has honestly ruined pizza for me because I can’t have it anywhere else. 10/10 highly recommend getting their spicy oil on the side !-

La pure saveur de l'Italie